About Us

“CAT Advance Technology Limited” was established more than 15 years ago  and it’s a company that is solely into provision of IT infrastructure and Cyber solutions globally. We are into supply and delivery of IT products from different brand names in the market: CISCO, HP, APC, ChipPC, IBM, ARRIS, WESTERN DIGITAL and JUNIPER.
We represent one of the leading suppliers of IT products globally and we cover the entire African continent. Be rest assured of our satisfactory service in provision of quality and durable IT products. Pick any product of your choice within our catalogue and pay with ease.

The Company provides Cyber security and IT solution
Our expertise’s are in the field of:

  • Cyber solution (Supply and installation SOC and SIEM)
  • ACRO (Automated Cyber Risk Officer) unique system for cyber risk assessment.
  • Training on cyber security
  • Provision of cyber security products via our e-commerce site
  • IT security representative of the leading manufacturer software and hardware’s

Our Experience:
These are some highlights about our projects (experience) we did:

  • Lagos state mega project of safe city, combining central control room with
  • surveillance system monitoring 10,000 cameras around Lagos state.
  • Security installation in the leading marine terminals like Sifax, TICT, APMT and Joseph-Dam according to ISPS international code.
  • Agip mega size security project – Security consulting, deploying all security means Securing 14 sites in the Delta area.
  • Deploying all security means in all the Lagos state formal locations.
  • Vehicle tracking solutions for Lagos state, Ekiti state and Lagbus company.
  • Vehicle anti-theft and tracking services for the biggest banks like Oceanic and Citi.