Ziko 800 Fixed System

Installation and training are required by 2 company employees for 4 days, cost 4K $ excluding airfare and hotel costs.



Portable and fixed alert system for securing open spaces, Ziko is based on a laser field and a Control device that create Wide area coverage up to 10,000 square meters, Ziko system protect Perimeter like now other system in the market. The system was created after no existing solution For our clients needs was found.
1. Wide area coverage up to 32,800/19,000 square feet (10,000/5,800 square meters).
2. Portable easily transported package
3. Deliverable warnings by siren, visual, MMS and SMS, dispatch and remote PC communication
4. Smartphone operable
5. Independent operation via AC or battery
6. Weatherproof
7. Two systems – permanent that is electric powered and portable that is either electric or operates on a lithium battery

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